Pentax 67II / by Ellen

Last spring my Daughter's Preschool teacher kindly loaned me her Pentax 6x7 Medium Format Film Camera. I had never shot one before, was eager to try it. I had been shooting 6x6 for some time, was looking forward shooting in 4:5 ratio. The camera itself is huge and heavy, many refer to it as an SLR on steroids, a fitting descrption. I loaded it up with some Ilford HP5 Plus and went shooting with my daughter. Developed that roll and was blown away and obsessed with the camera and the quality of the images it made. 1st image below ("Sad Shooter") is from that 1st roll, that shot received a Mark of Excellence from an "I Shot It" Photo Competition. Thanks Pentax and Daughter's Teacher. With permission, I took the camera on a trip to CA (two color images below), returned it shortly after and pinned for one ever since.

This past Christmas, I received my own Pentax 67II. Last photo below (Big Girl Little Tree) shot with the new old camera two days ago. Looking forward to hauling it around and shooting it a lot in 2016.